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Day Spa Trends

How does a spa go from good to great? By being thorough yet gentle with their complexion-brightening sessions. By being creative with new treatments to soften, clear, and pamper pores. In addition, offering special massages with "nano-stimulation" for total relaxation.

You can find the latest treatments at the best Sacramento & Roseville day spas. Visit our list. 


Starlight Massages

Spas have started staying up late—sure, it’s partly to squeeze in more hours of revenue, but it also serves to channel the healing energy (and romantic potential) of the moon and the stars. Many have a “night spa” menu of treatments performed between 8 and 10:30 p.m., with an emphasis on restful sleep, couples’ connection, and chakra wellbeing. 


Forrest Bathing

What our parents used to call “getting outside” has become a full-blown wellness craze with a fancy name and, increasingly, fancy trappings.  Meditation teachers lead session in the surrounding woodlands, and “Nest Rest” pods hang from trees. 

Salt Therapy

Pink Himalayan sea salt isn’t just for food. It’s becoming a cornerstone of spa architecture, as caves and walls made of the substance are said to improve cell activity, energy, and blood sugar levels; impart 84 elements and trace elements to the body; and flood a person’s system with negative ions that reduce inflammation and improve mood. Think of how good you feel in salty seaside air and a Himalayan salt wall can be the centerpiece of your relaxation room.